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Game of Thrones

Safety with Torrents

I was traveling abroad a lot this Spring for work and having a tough time keeping up with Game of Thrones. I’m a paying HBO subscriber and even have HBO Go for streaming at home. Unfortunately, HBO Go doesn’t work in a lot of the countries that I travel to.

I tried setting up a VPN service, but just like Netflix, HBO Go seems to block the service from working correctly over a VPN. This was really frustrating, because I wanted to watch Game of Thrones when it came out on Sunday nights…or whatever time of day it was wherever I was traveling.

Don’t tell anyone, but I tried a couple of torrent sites. I’m always a little wary of these places because you never know if your going to get a virus or malware or worse. I read this article about tips for avoiding problems with shady torrent sites on Softonic and downloaded uTorrent, which seems to be the most popular torrent product on the Web.

It took a lot longer than I thought to get my episodes. I had to download the entire file before I could watch any of it. Despite the claims that torrents speed things up by downloading portions of the file from dozens, or even hundreds, of different sources, I found that the whole process was slower than streaming. Of course with streaming you get to start watching right away without waiting for the entire file to download.

I think I’ll stick with streaming or just watching it on TV when I’m home, but when I travel a lot it’s nice to know I can still get my Game of Thrones fix.