Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Apartment

I spent most of the past weekend hunting around for a new apartment in the city. I’ve been living with two roommates for the past few years and even though I love them to pieces, I think it’s time to have my own place for a while. I don’t have many possessions, just some clothes, a few bookshelves, and a simple inexpensive mattress and bed. So I don’t need a very big space. I’m mostly looking for studio apartments or maybe a very inexpensive one bedroom place if I can find it.

This weekend’s search didn’t turn up much. A lot of the places were a little run-down and old and if I’m going to spring for my own place I want it to be a place I feel comfortable in. Would also like some space for my kid brother to hang out and play Poptropica. It doesn’t need to be incredibly fancy, but at least clean and up-to-date. I’ll keep looking around.

Not My Apartment

This is so not my apartment, but I wish it was.


Hi there. I’m Caitlin, a twenty-something living in the city with roommates and friends. I have a crummy job, but at least I like the people I work with. They’re pretty cool. This is my blog.

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