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Figure Skating 2014 Has Finished! Right time to watch Frozen the Movie again!

The Winter Olympics 2014 started on February 6 and ended yesterday, February 22 2014 hosted in Sochi Russia.

Medal Standing

1. Russia with total 5 medals

2. United States with 2 medals

3. Japan with 1 medal

You can get the full result here:

Congratulations to all participants you are all winners.

My favorite is the Figure Skating.

Here’s one of the winners from USA that took the gold medal in Ice Dance.

This was my favorite.

Although it would be nice if the song was “Let It go” from the Frozen the Movie of Disney.
What do you think?

So that inspire me to watch one more time! Frozen.

Ooooh I really love this animated story.

It’s a story of two princess (there’s lot of pricess in Disney) and these two are new comers.

Anna and Elsa used to be close to each other but because of an accident, Elsa had to distance herself to Anna to avoid getting her hurt again and so the palace was closed.

Until the coronation day of Elsa to be the Queen, they open the gates and Anna had the chance to sing the song “For the First Time in Forever”.

Met his prince Hans and wanted to get married! Already!

Which Queen Elsa didn’t allowed, so they fought and Elsa released her power unintentionally.

Because of that she had to run from her kingdom and sing the song “Let it go”.

And when I finished this song, I would want to do a figure state..

Too bad no snow here! YET!

Running Practice Time – Morning or Evening?

It’s always crazy day here in the city, really need to find time to run, walk or go to the gym if you don’t want to gain so much weight!

But when is the best time to run?

Well, I run every morning between 4am to 5am, one to two rounds in the park is just right for me to start my day right and full of energy.

Even if I got late on the evening before, I wanted to run on the morning.

I feel so down and slow when I missed a run.

They say that morning exercise leads to better sleep quality.

So that’s typical in my lifestyle. But now that I want to join in the 21k marathon run.

I am more inspired to prepare my self to it.

I don’t just want run on morning but also run after work.

Sometimes I couldn’t do it, because of the loads of work in the office and my teammates are not runners.

So I got an idea!

I invited all my teammates to join me in getting to healthy life style! I also invited other people in the other department.

Well, most of them are interested to join. I hope it will stay that way…

Hey, Everyone!!! If you’re reading my post now, make sure we finish work early tomorrow ok?

I won’t be waiting for you guys! 😛

I also had a research if it’s ok to run on the afternoon, well I just found out that the optimal time to exercise is when your body is on its highest temperature, which, for most people is the late afternoon, between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Other studies do confirm that exercisers perform better on physical performance tests, including aerobic capacity, endurance, reaction time, and strength between 4 and 7 p.m.

Cool right???!!!



Run Like the Wind

Hey everyone! So I’m going to make good on a long-standing promise to myself to train for and complete a half marathon this year. I’ve always been a runner, but haven’t finished anything for than a 10K and I really don’t race that much. I’m reasonably fast but I just have never made the time to log all the miles necessary to finish something as long as a half marathon. 13.1 miles! Hopefully without stopping.

Here’s my half marathon training checklist:

I’m going to start out slow and follow a 12-week training program. I haven’t decided which race to run, but since I’m aiming for May or June, there should be plenty to choose from.


Sochi Olympics

Having lots of fun watching the early days of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Checked out some great performances on the women’s slopestyle. Jamie Anderson had an incredible second run to capture her first Olympic gold. It was incredible! Everyone expected her to win, and she really stepped up when she needed to with an intense performance.

Jamie Anderson

Enni Rukajarvi of Finland finished second, and Britain’s Jenny Jones took the bronze medal for third place.